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The Wessagussett Plantation

Possible Locations for the Wessagussett Plantation

Gorges' Servants
1635 Settlers List
1642 Native Deed to Weymouth
Wessagussett Locations
Timeline of Wessagussett
Edward Winslow's Account
Translation of the name Wessagussett
Phineas Pratt's Narrative
Pratt Facts about Wessagussett
Thomas Morton's Account
Wessagussett Cast of Characters

As a result of past and current research, five locations have been identified  as being the possible location of the Wessagussett Plantation.  Each of these locations are evaluated below to determine which is the most likley location.  This information can priovide the basis for future archaeological testing.


           Hunt's Hill
           Bicknell Street
           Howe's Hill
           Great Hill
           Old Spain


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