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Massachusetts Bay "Provision List" - 1630

themselves in New-England, for
one whole yeare.
Collected by the Adventurers, with the advice of the Planters.

These things thus marked # the pooere sort may spare, and yet finde provisions sufficient for supplying the want of these.

*Of which the poorer sort may spare to thr greater part, if they can content themselves with water in the heat of summer, which is found by much experience to bee as wholesome & healthful as beere.

*Which for the poorer sort may be of blew Callico; these in Summer they use for bands.

As for bedding, and neceszary vessels for kitchin uses, men may carry what they have; lesse serving the turne there than would give contentment here.


Meale, one Hogshead.
Malt, one Hogshead.
Beefe, one hundred waight.
Porke pickled, 100. or Bacon 74 pound.

Pease, two bushells.
Greates, one bushell.

Butter, two dozen.
Chese, half a hundred.
Vinegar, two gallons.
Aquavita, one gallon.
Mustardseed, two quarts.
Salt to save Fish, halfe a hogshead.


Shoes, six payre.
Boots for men, one payre
Leather to mend shoes, foure pound.
Irish stockings, foure payre.
Shirts, six.
Handkerchiefs twelve.
One sea Cape or Gowne, of course cloth.
other apparell, as their purses will afford.

Tooles which may also serve a family of foure or five persons.

One English Spade.
One Steele Shovell.
Two Hatchets.
Axes 3. one broade axe, and two. felling axes.
One Wood hooke.
Howes 3. one brad of nine inches, and two narrow of vive or six inches.
One Wimble, with six piercer bits.
One hammer.
Other tooles as mens occupations require, as Hand saws, Whip-sawes, thwart-sawes, Augers, Chissells, Frowes, Grinde Stones, &c. For Building

Nayles of all sorts.
Lockes for Doores and chests.
Gimmowes for Chests.
Hookes and twists for doores.Armes

One Musket, Rest and Bandeliere.
Powder, ten pound.
Shot, sixteene.
Match, six pound.
One Sword.
One Belt.
One Pistoll, With a mould.For fishing.

Twelve Cod hookes.
Two Lines for fishing.
One Mackrell line, and twelve hookes.
28. pound of Lead for bullets and fishing lead.

The totall 17 07 9

Out of which take that which the poore may spare, hauing sufficient in that which the country affords for

needfull sustentation of nature. 7 04 8

Remaines for their charge besides Transportation 10 3 2

Though for the more convenient and pentifull accomodation of each planter it were to be desired that they carried the provisions of victualls above said, if their estates would reach thereunto, yet they may (having meanes to take fish and fowle) live comfortably that want all the rest, Meale for bread onely excepted, which is the stafe of life. Printed at London for Fvlke Clifton. 1630