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We all have an idea about what life was like in the time of the Pilgrims and around the time of the American Revolution, but what was it like during those years in between?

Our 18th Century Everyday Life in Your Town program is specifically designed with the unique history of your town in mind. We have researched the history of all of the towns in Southeastern Massachusetts with the specific focus for this program on the dark ages of town history, the early 1700s. This was a time of change in every New England town. A time when people were learning how different and how similar they were to the people in the Mother country, England. Through the venue of a costumed interpreter who speaks in the language of the people of the time and knows your town from an early 18th century point of view, children will learn about the following topics:

-the layout of the town

-the Native American inhabitants of the town

-the industries and trades that were most popular in the town

-the foods eaten in the early 18th century

-how different and how similar life was then as compared to today

Children will get the opportunity to ask the costumed interpreter questions about his life and at the end of the program they can find out who the interpreter is and ask about his modern life. Children will learn how to play a number of games that were probably played by children in their own town almost 300 years ago. They will also learn what was expected of children back then and what sort odd jobs they had.

Children will receive  a number of take home materials filled with information about the early 18th century in their town. They will also get game sheets and activity pages.