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The following is a list of books that PARP recommends for children.  Look for this list to continually be updated and added to.

Archaeologist Dig for Clues. Kate Duke, HarperCollins Publishers Inc.

            New York, 1997. ISBN 0-06-445175-5. This is a great book that introduces archaeology and the basic processes to elementary school children.

Motel of the Mysteries. David Macaulay, Scholastic Inc. New York, 1979.

            ISBN 0-590- 47236-4. This book provides a unique opportunity to see the techniques and problems of archaeological interpretation. A good book for teachers to help them understand that archaeologists do not have all the right answers and that what we engage in is scientific hypothesis testing. Also a fun book for 6-8 graders to help them relate to the problems of archaeological interpretation.

The Young Scientist Book of Archaeology. Barbara Cook and Sturan

            Reid, EDC Publishing, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1987. A lively and colorfully illustrated introduction to archaeological methods for upper elementary and junior high school grades.

I Can Be an Archaeologist. Robert B. Pickering, Children's Press, Chicago,

            1987. A short introduction to the science by an archaeologist and physical anthropologist, for beginning readers.

Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of our Past. Richard

            Panchyk. 2001.Chicago Review Press, Chicago. ISBN: 1-55652-395-5. An excellent introductory book for teachers and children containing many hands-on exercises and activities.

Archaeology Smart Junior. Karen J. Laubenstein. 1997. Random House

            Inc., New York. ISBN: 0-679-77537-4. A good introductory book that teaches archaeology from around the world through the format of stories followed by activities and discussion questions for each chapter. Some hands-on activities geared for grades 6-8.

Archaeology for Young Explorers. Patricia Samford and David L. Ribblett.

            1995. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. ISBN: 0-87935-089-X. An excellent introduction to colonial archaeology through examples from Colonial Williamsburgs archaeological programs. A good amount of hands-on activities.