SHA 2003 Conference 

Providence, Rhode Island, USA
14-19 January 2003

"Trade and Industrialization" has been selected as the theme for the 36th Annual Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology. Providences rich history of mercantilism and manufacturing make it uniquely suited to host such a conference, particularly in light of its on-going urban revitalization program that has successfully balanced the demands of city renewal with the maintenance of historical integrity. The plenary session scheduled for Thursday morning promises a lively discussion of the contributions of historical archaeology to our understanding of the industrial and commercial past. Featured tours and receptions offer opportunities to explore the regions vibrant history of trade and industry, including tours of Slater Mill and the industrial architecture of the Blackstone River Valley, Cradle of the Industrial Revolution.

 On Friday, January 17, 2003 a session entitled "In Small Sites Forgotten: Plymouth Colony Archaeology in the 21st Century" will be presented by Craig Chartier, Karen Goldstein, Mitch Mulholland, Derek Wheeler and Mary Beaudry.

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