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Check out these great websites we found.  They cover a wide variety of archaeological interests.

Cool Websites

Cape Cod National Seashore Carns Site Report- FREE!

"In November 1990, the Archeology Branch of the Cultural Resources Center (CRC), National Park Service (NPS) was contacted to assess an eroding feature at Coast Guard Beach within the Cape Cod National Seashore. The feature was determined to be undisturbed and of Native origin. Additional exploratory excavation was recommended and revealed a deeply buried ground surface and the likelihood of additional significant deposits. Over the next 16 months, 5 episodes of fieldwork were conducted on portions of the Carns site exposing more than 300 square meters of site area." (Carns Site Report)

Streaming video and audio about archaeology and indigenous peoples worldwide.  The world's most popular archaeology-related Web site."


This site allows you to register with an ancient city and then explore it.

Offers guided tours of the excavations at New York's Five Points neighborhood, the area made infamous by the movie Gangs of New York.

The history of the shipwrecks of the Great lake, Lake Superior is explored at this site.

Human Skeletons and Society in Prehistoric Italy offers an overview of 400 skeletons from 40 sites.

Oldest flutes play a tune. Hear the oldest coplete, playable, multinote flutes (8-9000 years old) play the Chinese folk song "Xiao Bai Cai" (Little Cabbage).

University of Cincinnati 3-D computer reconstructions of the Ohio earthwork complexes.

Dissect the head of a 2,300 year old Egyptian mummified woman. Unwrap the linen mask and examine the brain cavity, traces of hardened ointment, and a stick used to stabilize the head!

Amesbury Archer-Possibly one of the organizers or builders of Stonehenge!

Boscombe down roman coffin video- An intact Roman era sarcophogus in England that was found to conatin the remains of a woman and child.

Here are some Popular Culture websites with lists or references to movies and books that present archaeology in fiction.

Archaeology in popular culture

Archaeologists in Popular Culture

Romancing the Stones: Archaeology in Popular Cinema

Archaeology is a Brand

The Meaning of Archaeology in Contemporary Popular Culture

From Stonehenge to Las Vegas: Archaeology as Popular Culture

Bad Archaeology

Thoughts and opinions about the world of archaeology and its impact on the public sphere.

Archaeology movies


Archaeology in Fiction

Nautical Archaeology in Fiction

And don't forget Star Wars Episode III. Did you known that Luke and Leia were born at an archaeological site? Check out the wikipedia article about Polis Massa (the place where they were born)