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                                                 Analysis of the Archaeological

 Collections of the

Kingston Public Library

Local History Room: Cram and Allerton

Site Collections


Prepared for the

Kingston Public Library


 Prepared by

Massachusetts Archaeological Professionals

P.O. Box 50003

New Bedford, Ma 02745




The Kingston Public Library Local History Room currently curates two archaeological collections from the Town of Kingston, Massachusetts. A total of 4321 items are present in the Kingston Public Library Local History Room collection.  This material comes from two collections, that recovered by Lester and John Cram from the Smelt Pond area of Kingston and an assemblage of artifacts from the Allerton site that was excavated by the late Dr. James Deetz in 1972. The Cram collection represents an atypical avocational archaeologist collections in the sense that the collector was apparently very conscientious, careful and thorough in the collection of a wide range of material from the excavations.  The collections were catalogued and analyzed to identify the sites, the types of artifacts, their temporal associations,  the raw materials used to make them and to identify any significant trends in the collection indicating collector bias or real archaeological trends. Cram collection artifacts were found to date from possibly the Paleo-Indian through seventeenth century with the majority of the artifacts dating to the Late Archaic and Late Woodland periods. The Allerton Site collection was found to contain artifacts recovered by James Deetz during his excavation of the Allerton Site in 1972.  Both collections were found to contain a wide range of artifacts and materials and add to our knowledge of the Pre-Contact and seventeenth century history of Kingston.

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