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awgers (augers): an iron tool used for making holes in wood

Barrow hoggs: a type of male pig

barrow Shotes: a type of young male pig

bedsteed (bedstead): the wooden framework of a bed

bolster: a long pillow used to support ones back when they are sleeping bolster ticke: a covering that goes over the bolster, like a pillowcase

Bore (Boar): a male pig

Butt: a large barrel holding 108 gallons of liquid

Cob Irons: iron stands used in the hearth for holding logs

Covelet (coverlet): a bedspread

chamber pot: usually ceramic pot used in place of a toilet and then dumped outside

chisell (chisel): a sharp ended tool used for woodworking

dripping pan: a long ceramic or metal pan used in a hearth for catching the fat drippings

from roasting meat

felling axe: a moderatley wide bladed axe used for chopping down trees fetherbed tick: a cover for a feather mattress

flock bed: a mattress stuffed with wool

fowling peece (piece): a kind of firearm with a long barrel used for shooting birds (fowl) Gredyron (gridiron): a grate for broiling food in a hearth

handsaw: a smaller saw operated with one hand

harness bar: a bar located just behind the animal to which elements of the harness is


heyfer (heifer): a young female cattle that has not had any calfs yet

hogshead: a large barrel holding 34-104 gallons

how (hoe): a tool used for gardening and planting fields

Irish Stockings: leggings worn over stockings on a mans lower leg that were common

in Ireland

latten: a metal that is a mixture of brass and tin often used for cooking and eating


meich (milk) goats: goats used to produce milk in the years before the colony had many


peces (pieces) of pewter: pewter is a metal that is a mixture of lead and tin, pieces of

pewter included plates, dishes and jugs

pillowbeer: pillowcase

Reap hookes: a hand implement with a hook shaped blade used in reaping grain shott: lead balls used in firearms as ammunition

Smoothing iron: an iron heated and used for smoothing clothes

sowes: a female pig

Spade: a digging implement used by pushing it into the ground with your foot

stuffe: material, usually scrap cloth, that was palced or stuffed inside of mattresses and


sute of Cloathes: a pair of pants and a coat that are sew together and worn as one trevet (trivet): a three legged stand used in cooking

Twart saw: a carpenters saw used for cutting across the grain of wood

wether: a type of male sheep