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Here are some common games played by children

Blind Man's Bluff

-one person is blinfolded, spun around three times and has to find the others
Hunt the Slipper

-one person hides the slipper and the others try to find it


Blow-Out: first player tosses a marble the second player tosses a marble and tries to hit the first to win it

Ring Taw: Two circles drawn, inner one about two feet in diameter, each player puts four to six marbles in the inner circle. Outer circle, called the "taw," is drawn about seven feet in diameter. The players take turns to roll their marble from the outer circle (taw) into the inner circle. The object is to touch one of the marbles in the inner circle

Fox and Geese

-draw large wheel on ground (20 to 30 feet across)

-Fox starts in the middle and the "geese" on the outside.

-Players can only run on the spokes or outside circle of the wheel.

-Geese try and make it to the middles of the wheel.

-Fox tries to tag the geese, and protect the middle of the wheel.

-If goose gets tagged, they are out of the game.

-First goose to make it to the middle gets to be the fox for the next round

-If the fox gets all the geese, they get to be fox again

Nine Mens Morris

-Each player has nine merels and places them alternately on the board at intersecting line points.

-After all merels are in place, if you have three merels in a row, it is called a mill.

-With three in a row, a mill, you can then take one of the opponents pieces.-When a player is down to two men and can no longer make a mill, the game is over.