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Pilgrim Family

-every family had one house, no multiple families living together

-average family size in England 6 persons

-average family size in Plymouth 4.5-5 persons


-majority of men in England were agricultural laborers

-men tend fields




do woodworking, metal working

harvested crops

killed animals

tended livestock

collected shellfish

served in militia

served in public office

build houses and fences


-women cook


clean house

preserve food

tend gardens

harvested crops

butchered animals

tended chickens

tended livestock close to home

did all dairy work

-if family had a business, wife was a partner to her husband in work just like life


-average of 8-9 children born to each family

-mortality rate of up to 25% kept family size smaller though

-learned jobs by either being apprenticed to a craftsman or watching parents

-no schools

-jobs were similar to parents with boys doing male things and girls doing female activities