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Below are some notes on what we know about the Mayflower

What We Know About The Mayflower

The Master

-The master (not the captain, thats a military and not a nautical term) of the Mayflower in

1620 was Christopher Jones, he was also the co-owner

-Jones was born about 1570 in Harwich, Essex, England

-In 1609, he became the master of the Mayflower, owning a quarter of the ship.

-He returned from the New World, did a few more quick trading runs with his ship,

died and was buried on 5 March 1621/2.6

The Ship

-was employed transporting goods such as wine, spices, and furs

-had a burthen of 180-tons (could carry 180 tons of goods)

-merchant vessel

-about 113 feet long from the back rail to the end of the bowsprit beak. The keel was about 64 feet and a board width of about 25 feet.

The Crew

-John Clarke:

Master's Mate

-he had been to the American coast on several prior occasions.

-made several trips to Jamestown, Virginia, as well as to New England.

-Robert Coppin:

second Master's Mate/ pilot

- had been to America before and was hired for his knowledge of the coastline

-Giles Heale: surgeon

-died 1653

-plus another approximately 25-30 crew who we have no names for

The Trip

-Left England on September 6, 1620

- Arrived at Cape Cod November 9, 1620

-Distance from Plymouth England to Plymouth, Massachusetts about 2,750 miles

-Voyage took 66 days

-Return Voyage took one month

-Left with 102 passengers arrived with same number with 1 dying and one being


Fate of the Mayflower

-Inventory of the Mayflower 1624

-ship was described as being "in ruinis" and was being appraised for scrap

hull, maste, yardes, boate,
winles and Capsten estimated at £50

-five ankors weighing valued £25

-Item. one set of sailes more than half worn £15

-3 Cables, 2 hawsers, the shrowdes and stayes more then half worne £35

-8 muskitts, 6 bandeleers, and 6 pikes 50 s

-pitch pott and kettle 13s, 4p

-ten shovells 5s

Total 128.08-04