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You'll be amazed that much of what you thought you knew about the Pilgrims is the result of misinterpretation and Victorian/ 19th century romanticism.  Below you will find the answers to some common questions and the facts about some common myths.
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Pilgrim FAQs
Pilgrim Myths

1) The Pilgrims called themselves Pilgrims

2) They came to the New World only for religious freedom

3) They starved the first winter

4) They meant to settle in Virginia and not here

5) They wore black clothes with white collars

6) They forbade music and games

7) They killed all the Native people that were in New England

8) They did not care about the land and freely destroyed it

9) They wore hats and shoes with buckles

10) They died before reaching the age of 35

11) They would have died without the Natives help

12) They stepped on Plymouth Rock

13) They lived in log cabins

14) Myles Standish originally wanted to marry Priscilla Mullins before John Alden did