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The following is a list of plants and food products like sugar and spices imported by the English

European Imports





Grape, white


Honeysuckle [perhaps refers to native types of elder, azalea, or columbine]

Marjoram, pot


Plum, black

 Rose, damask, red, white



Spices and Foreign Herbs used in Plymouth

Currants or small raisins - England and southern European countries

Cloves - Spice Islands in the East Indies

Cinnamon - Ceylon

Dates - Africa, Egypt, East Indies, Palestine, Syria

Ginger - Spain, West Indies, Canaries, Azores -

Nutmeg and mace - Spice Islands in the East Indies

Olive oil - Italy, France, Spain

Pepper - East Indies

Prunes/plums - Syria, England

Raisins wine producing countries

Sugar - Spain, Portugal,East Indies, Canaries

Sugar came to England in the form of molasses and was refined there with one by product being rum

Wine - Germany (Rhine) , France, Spain